About us

Our Perfume Shop is a new business that started in February 2020 with headquarters in Aiginio, Pieria.

Our philosophy is to offer high quality products to the market in order to fully satisfy our customers. In this way we want to contribute to the improvement of the quality level of the products that are distributed in our country. Our perfumes, of French origin, are made in Greece and achieve the most faithful copy of the originals of each company. In our store you will find a wide variety of fragrances such as women and men, essential oils, space and car fragrances, shower gels, body creams and after shave balsam, all with the aroma of your choice.



Exceptional type perfumes, inspired by the most famous perfume houses.


Body Products

Lotion, shower gel, body oils and after shave balsam, for men and women.

Essential Oils

Distillation of calm and relaxation. Rejuvenating, regenerating and healing oils.

Premium Bottles

Special, premium bottles are available for your favorite fragrances, ideal for gifts that you want to stand out!